Speech and language delays are just roadblocks, not dead ends

Every child deserves the chance to tell their story, share their dreams, and express their needs. Speech therapy helps them find their voice and be heard.

May - Better Hearing & Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, aims to increase public awareness of communication disorders and the range of available therapies that can help those who have difficulty speaking or hearing.

Red Flags of Speech and Language Development

Early identification of language delays or difficulties is important because it can lead to earlier intervention, which can improve a child's language skills and overall communication abilities.

Speech & Language Therapy: Helping You Communicate Better

Communication is an essential aspect of human life. However, for some children, speaking can be a challenge.

A Comprehensive Guide to Food Chaining Therapy

The act of feeding a child can cause tension and anxiety for many parents. Mealtimes can be difficult because of picky eaters, food aversions, and sensory difficulties.

Expressive Language Disorder

Developmental expressive language disorder is a frequently occurring condition in children, characterized by severe delay in the development of expressive language compared with receptive language and cognitive skills.


A broad understanding of apraxia is that it is a neurological condition. People who have it find it difficult or impossible to make certain motor movements, even though their muscles are normal. Milder forms of apraxia are known as dyspraxia.

Articulation disorders

Articulation disorder is when an individual has trouble pronouncing certain words/sounds making it difficult to be understood. According to www.asha.org articulation disorders focus on errors (e.g., distortions and substitutions) in production of individu

Phonological disorders

Phonological disorders focus on predictable, rule-based errors (e.g., fronting, stopping, and final consonant deletion) that affect more than one sound.

Stuttering Mystries/helpful hints

Stuttering or Stammering. Causes (exact cause is unknown) How ever Inherited causes. Genes play role in development of stuttering. It is thought that people who carry genes for stuttering can develop this disorder some point in life whenever there is cir