Internship/ Psychology Observership Program (POP)

What is an Internship/ Psychology Oberservership Program (POP)?

American Wellness Center aims to provides a fantastic opportunity for students who are passionate about learning mental health and related fields including child and adult psychiatry, psychology and counselling. We welcome students and mental healthcare professionals who are interested in gaining experience and working with our Western- trained, highly qualified, and fully certified professionals.  Our Observer ship program is DHA approved and is offered at the clinical setting based in Dubai Healthcare City Dubai.

Who are the best candidates for our Internship/Psychology Oberservership Program (POP)?

The internship/ observership program is offered to graduate/undergraduate and post graduate psychology students, mental healthcare providers and related fields.

What can we offer at AWC?

The internship / POP primary focus is to encourage and educate interns to become more knowledgeable and proficient psychologists and mental healthcare providers at their level.

  • A hands-on opportunity to work closely with highly qualified and experienced Clinical Psychiatrists / Psychologists and other health care professionals.
  • Understand how their academic program of study applies in the clinical setting.
  • Valuable insight to help students select their future career path.
  • Significant experience that helps them develops as a strong candidate for future jobs and related roles.
  • Build a network of professional contacts and/or mentors.
  • Our program is recognized and affiliated with several universities in Dubai.

What is the Evaluation?

Throughout the internship / POP evaluation remains an important component. It will be conducted by the mentor/supervisor as per the interns academic/training level to provide the feedback and suggest further programs if students like to achieve higher level of knowledge and training in the field.

What are the Educational Goals & Objectives?

The goals and philosophy of the Internship Program is expressed in the following:

Goal #1:  Develop capabilities in psychological evaluation and assessment of children and adults who present with a wide range of diagnoses and difficulties.
Objective:  Interns will have chance to  learn case studies and observe diagnostic interviews ( where possible) and the learning of a variety of psychological instruments, techniques, and assessments such as clinical interviews skills and mental status examinations. (Subject to patient consent)  

Goal #2:   Develop capabilities in psychological interventions with children and adults who present a wide range of diagnoses and difficulties.
Objective:  Interns will learn practitioners undertake a variety of psychological interventions for different diagnoses, difficulties, and needs. Interns will also learn a wide range of interventions, techniques, and approaches and become familiar with when and how to apply them.  

Goal #3:  Develop capabilities in discussing patient cases, using professional language, during supervision and group meetings.
Objective: Interns will develop competence in translating psychological principles to department leaders, colleagues, and professionals from different disciplines within the Clinical setting.

Goal #4:   Demonstrate competent, professional, and ethical behavior and sensitivity to different cultural issues as they arise within the Clinical setting.
Objective:   Interns will demonstrate behavior consistent with professional standards and ethical guidelines (i.e., a mature understanding of professional ethics as well as issues of ethnic, cultural, gender, sexual, and other aspects of diversity).

Goal #5:  Develop the ability to link science and research through the application of scientific knowledge in clinical settings, being educated consumers of empirical research and engaging in projects.   
Objective: Interns will understand the interface between science and practice by applying scientific knowledge to the clinical setting, being educated consumers of empirical research, and participating in projects.

What are the Student Benefits?

  • Opportunity to work closely with highly respected Clinical Psychiatrists / Psychologists and other health care professionals.
  • Opportunity to learn implications and relationship of physical health with mental health and wellbeing through medical healthcare team mentorship.
  • Valuable insight to help students select their future career path.
  • Understand how their academic programme of study applies to the clinical setting.
  • Significant experience and insight that supports them to be a strong candidate for future job roles.
  • Build a network of professional contacts and/or mentors.
  • The student will receive Observer ship Completion Certificate from The American Wellness Center after successful completion of the program.

What is the Selection Process for Interns?

  • Interested candidates should submit their CV's directly to the Education Program Co-Ordinator at AWC ([email protected]) to be considered for this Observer ship opportunity.
  • There are no specified timelines for this program. AWC Education department usually start the batch beginning of each month and registration for the next month should be completed a week prior to starting the program.
  • A final decision of selection of the students will be made on the most suitable candidate and first come first served bases and the start date/details confirmed in accordance with The American Wellness Center education department.

Our goal is to ensure that interns acquire evidence-based knowledge and introduction to clinical skills.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • The duration of Observer ship is 50 hours over a period of 4 weeks unless advised otherwise by AWC management under valid reason.  
  • The fee should be paid in full prior to the start of the course.
  • AWC has the right to postpone program due to any unforeseen reasons wherein the remaining credit hours will be completed in nearest/closest possible dates.
  • AWC management reserves the full rights to accept or reject any applicant based on selection criteria.
  • AWC management has the right to cancel the membership of observer ship at any stage due to any misconduct or unethical behaviour observed or reported by the teachers or admin staff.
  • We Expect AWC interns to adhere  to our Work ethics, confidentially in the clinic,  respect cultural, and individual differences as well as sensitive patient information where applicable.
  • A copyright restriction is applicable to all students against the use of our clinical information except educational knowledge provided by the supervisors/mentors.
  • The certificate will be issued only after the completion of 50 credit hours at Clinic unless advised otherwise decided by AWC clinic management with a valid reason.

Internship Affiliations

Canadian University of Dubai
DE Montfort University Dubai
Middlesex University Dubai

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