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Yes at Building 39 basement we have free allocated parking spots for American Wellness Visitors.


At AWC we have partnerships with DEWA and Esaad. FAZZA is coming soon watch this space. For special discounts check with our current promotions on our social media:

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At American Wellness Center we have Arabic, English, French, Persian, Bengali, Spanish, Urdu, and Punjabi speaking Psychologists, our Psychiatrists speak English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

At American Wellness Center we have a full Japanese speaking service from Reception, nurse and Internal Medicine Doctor. In addition we have a Japanese translator who can assist you will any other speciality Doctor should you need referral.

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Every insurance provider has different policies, we advise our patients to check with their provider for coverage. Alternatively reach out to our friendly Call Center who can check if your treatment is covered.

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At AWC we are offering Psychology Internships. For more information about our program view our "Psychology Internships"

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We are an expanding clinic and always looking out for senior Physicians as well as valuable admin and clinical team members. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for more information.

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Simply put, “Occupational Therapy” is therapy designed to bring people independence in everyday life. This therapy can be helpful to people of all age groups, whether it’s children who have motor skills or processing challenges, or adults who’ve faced changes in their day-to-day ability to function through illness or accidents.

Whoever the patient is, a therapist’s primary goal is to help them accomplish tasks and activities with confidence and ease.

This can include anything affected by gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, and sensory motor skills. It can also aid in the ability to process requests and what is needed to accomplish tasks.

For children, adults, or elderly patients facing challenges with routine daily activities, like eating, dressing, bathing, and beyond, occupational therapy can be immensely helpful in teaching coping skills to help them in their day-to-day in a way that accommodates their limitations.

Each of these clinicians are specialists in working with mental health needs. There is frequently collaboration between them as well, and they all work with patients of any age group, including children. Where they differ is in the level of training and education required for their license, and whether they can prescribe medication when needed.

A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor or physician with mental health training and prescription expertise with psychotropic medications. This means psychiatrists can prescribe suitable medications that may be required to treat mental health conditions. To be qualified, they must complete medical school, followed by psychiatry residency and/or fellowships, and receive medical board certification. In the United States, they require a Medical Degree (MD) for licensed practice.

A Psychologist is a mental health specialist with extensive training in therapy, which includes diagnosing and assessing a patient’s condition. Their qualifications require completion of graduate school, clinical internship, fellowships, and certification by the psychology board. In the United States, a Doctoral Degree (PhD or PsyD) in psychology is generally required for licensed practice.

A Counsellor (also called a “Psychotherapist”) is also a mental health specialist, with similar training areas as a Psychologist, but requiring less time investment in schooling. Their qualifications include completion of graduate school followed by a clinical practicum. In the United States, a Masters Degree in a related field of mental health is generally required for licensed practice.

Each of these clinicians is dedicated to improving mental health in their patients. Depending on their training or the specializing of their school programs, they may focus on specific areas of treatment. They may excel in dealing with specific disorders, therapy approaches, research focus, and/or practice settings. These professionals believe in collaboration when needed, and if a psychologist or counsellor feels pharmaceutical or advanced clinical intervention is required, they can, and do, refer their patients to psychiatrists.

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