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American Wellness Center welcomes highly qualified, challenge seeking, committed, multicultural professionals to join our team. AWC clinicians are keeping them abreast with new changes and state of the art treatment strategies to fulfill our mission to serve and to improve the health of the individuals, families, and communities in the UAE and beyond. AWC support services department is looking for professional and dedicated individual who can reciprocate the demands of the present fast-paced world of healthcare sector.

The recruitment of talented professionals is key to the fulfillment of our mission and core values. We encourage qualified individuals who are committed to excellence in Medical and Mental healthcare services , management and administration to consider join our team.

Why work with us?

We have an innovative and far-reaching vision for transforming out patient health care sector in UAE and beyond where our aim is to make  American Wellness Center the destination of choice for clinicians and employees seeking to grow and thrive in the face of any internal or external challenges.

What we offer:

Great Work Culture

At AWC we provide professional work ambiance to our staff and live by our values. Here we offer Unmatched professionalism, world-class opportunities to work with highly qualifies colleagues for personal and professional growth, and creating significant impact driven by a shared mission.

Awards and Recognitions

We recognize our stars and appreciate their hard work by rewarding them on quarterly basis by running anonymous assessment surveys and that gives ample chance to everyone to shine by their performance and hard work.

Work-life Balance

We make sure that our people have a healthy work life balance.


We operate with clearly defined policies and procedures that reflect our world-class standards, ethics and professional values for growth.  Our mission towards our team is to maintain a continuous-learning mindset, tracking, reviewing, and improving service quality through ongoing research and innovation. Our philosophy is investing in our employees because we believe our strength lies in people working for and with us.


American Wellness center believes in diversity and have over 15 nationalities working together providing ample opportunities to benefit from the experience and knowledge of diverse workers. Having a variety of perspectives encourages critical thinking within the workforce. Also, unique employee backgrounds and experiences can provide important insights into different consumer demographics.

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