Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

What is Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is the process of traveling from your country of residence to the other for the purpose of receiving appropriate medical care. Usually, people and or patients travel from less-developed countries to developed nations in pursuit of the treatments not available in their homeland or sometime cost of treatment is more favorable without compromising the quality of care in the country of destination.
When going for a medical treatment, naturally patients / people tend to select a country with comparatively lower costs yet higher standards of treatment, accessibility, and timelines to visa regulations, and the distance from their home country to the country they want to travel to, bilingualism and the reputation of the health-care system in that country.
What really puts the word "tourism" in medical tourism concept is that people often stay in the foreign country during and even after the medical treatment. Travelers can thus take advantage of their visit by sightseeing, taking day trips or participating in any other traditional tourism activities. Hence the tourism and cultural status of a country contributes during the choice of a destination as well.

Why should you select UAE.

The medical tourism industry is growing worldwide, and UAE is fast becoming a destination of choice in the Middle East. Already home to world-leading healthcare facilities and pioneering labs, Dubai is home to world-class medical health facilities like ours.

Dubai’s strategic location, safety standards, exceptional infrastructure and world-leading amenities add to the factors that have raised its status as a medical tourism hub. You will get the same high-quality care and treatment in Dubai that you anticipate receiving in any European or American destination in a most cost-effective way. The visa requirements and regulations are friendly with a less waiting time which means you can plan your visits more often and immediately start your treatment. As well as UAE has friendly tourism culture with an easy access to all the luxury a traveler would like to enjoy during their visit apart from treatment. Less travel time, fast and efficient infrastructure and easy access to health care system is an extra advantage.

The UAE and Dubai in particular have established themselves as leading medical tourism centres.

The Emirates was ranked as the leading medical tourism destination in the GCC, according to a 2021 report by the US-based Medical Tourism Association.

Dubai, in particular, was ranked by the Medical Tourism Index as the number one Arab destination for medical tourism and was six on a list of the 46 most unique international medical tourism countries.

What we offer:

Traveling abroad for medical care can be a challenging and stressful time for patients and their families. Our International Patient Services team is committed to ensuring that anyone who chooses American Wellness Center Dubai for the specialized medical care and treatment, receives it as seamlessly, efficiently, and comfortably without hassle.

American Wellness Center is situated at the prime and easily accessible location of Dubai Healthcare city which is considered as medical hub of Dubai with highest quality of care and standard of practices. We have Mental and Medical health care specialties under the same umbrella where all your needs will be met without the hassle of running around between facilities.

Mental Health Services

Patients who seek mental health services are ensured to have full confidentiality. If you have any mental health issue or disorder, emotional or behavioral problem and you do not feel comfortable to see a mental health care professional at your home country, American wellness Center is your right destination. We have western qualified mental healthcare clinicians who help you in a confidential way. We have Child and Adolescent, Adult and Couples consulting services for Psychiatry, Psychology. Child and adult Assessments and treatment. Child and adult Neurology service . we offer personal growth, career counselling and, life Coaching services as well. At American Wellness center we have state of the art and modern equipment including TMS and video EEG. TOVA test, NCS, EMG, ETC.

Sometimes your mental health issues due to an underlying medical problem and at AWC our experts discuss cases with each other and order some tests to find out the root cause of a condition. Thus, Multidisciplinary approach is practiced involving all the concerned consultants under one roof. (You can review the team of consultants and departments under AWC team).

Medical Health Services

American wellness center is known to have multi-cultural, highly efficient, Western qualified and trained team of professionals who provide world class services. All our physicians are trained and have experience from world renowned hospitals like Columbia University Hospital, New York Presbyterian and many more. Our approach is to serve our patients in a most professional yet confidential manner. Our support staff is fully trained to help and guide you through the treatment. If you have any medical health issue and you want to travel for a world class treatment, American Wellness Center Dubai is your right choice. we offer the following services at our center.

American Wellness Center is well connected with the healthcare industry within UAE and abroad. Depending on the needs and requirements of a patient our team can arrange hospital admissions, schedule surgeries and follow up with the treatment with the respective facility arranged by American Wellness Center.

Our western qualified professional plan it all for you based on the results of initial evaluation. You can then keep following up and continue the care as suggested with a physician of your choice in your home country or get follow up consult with our physicians. This health checkup are a part of preventive medicine and plays a vital role in managing your chronic illness if any.

At American wellness center we accept the cases for re-evaluation or second opinion to help our clients making an informed decision about their condition. Our expert clinicians review the history and base on their own investigations and evidence based practices inform patient with their view point. We offer Medication management based on our clinician’s diagnosis and use best and modern interventions to treat our patients.

If you have visited American Wellness Center within last 6 months, we offer follow up appointments to discuss your situation and keep the treatment going subject to your condition. In case if you want to transfer your health care management to a doctor in your home country after initial treatment with AWC, our clinician will arrange handover and make sure a smooth transition from our care to your local health care provider. Your unique patient ID will be valid until 12 months, and you can order your medical reports anytime.

At American Wellness center you will not have to struggle with language issues. proudly at our center we have a team of professionals who speak around 15 languages including Arabic, Japanese, French, Arabic and Urdu, with English as a main medium of communication. We have the facility of translator available if you still need any assistance.

American Wellness Center offers specialized services to our international patients where they do not have to go through the waitlist. If you book with us from the beginning or let us, be aware of your plan for your stay in Dubai, our international patient coordinator will book an immediate First available appoint with follow up visits suitable to your stay schedule to meet the target results and timelines in a most effective manner. Special and additional clinical hours can be scheduled for international clients with a full access to 24/7 contact person to facilitate the patients and families with all the relevant information.

We understand how valuable it is to have support while planning for care far from home. Our dedicated, multi-lingual patient coordinators are available 24 hours a day/seven days a week to answer questions and help plan an itinerary that addresses both travel and healthcare-related logistics for patients and their accompanying loved ones. Our team of coordinators will guide patients through their medical care experience, providing customized service and personal attention every step of the way. You will be introduced to your dedicated patient coordinator, who will remain the single point of contact throughout your journey. Your coordinator can help facilitate the following services:

  • Scheduling clinical appointments or tests
  • Escorting patients to appointments
  • Explaining and interpreting medical information, instructions, and procedures
  • Facilitating communication between referring physicians and American Wellness Center physicians
  • Travel support for patients and their families, including visa requirements where necassary
  • Travel agency liaison, including flights, accommodation, and car rental arrangements (here we can link the website of the travel agent )
  • Medical records and treatment plan coordination
  • Cost estimation, payment facilitation and financial counseling
  • Critical care transfers and hospital-to-hospital transfers when needed
  • Hospital admission support

Our team is equipped to help you from the beginning of your journey towards wellness right from your home country including visa requirements, travel plan, stay in the most appropriate facility matching to your needs and interests. Our international desk is fully equipped to guide you through your stay matching your preferences.

Annual Checkups to ensure good health

American Wellness Center offer Annual health checkups to ensure your wellbeing. This includes Mental and Medical health checkups. You can plan your visit to get checked, or if you are already on a visit in Dubai, we can arrange these health checkups on immediate basis without involving waitlist to make your tour more fruitful and healthy. Our experts read and interpret your reports and suggest most suitable solutions using evidence-based practices. You can then keep following up and continue the care as suggested with a physician of your choice in your home country or get follow up consult with our physicians (collaboration of care). These health checkups are a part of preventive medicine and plays a vital role in managing your chronic illness if any.

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