Advice from Dr. Shahid Abbas Consultant Allergy and Immunology on Dust Mites

Mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets – they all contain dust, and thus make ideal homes for dust mites, tiny insect-like pests that feed on flakes of skin shed by people and pets

Coping with Allergy Symptoms During Pregnancy

Women need to be cautious about any medicine taken during pregnancy, and this also applies to medicine to help with allergy symptoms

Aging and Allergies

Diagnosis and management of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) can be challenging in older patients, who may have other chronic health issues, such as asthma, high blood pressure

Children Allergies

Children and young babies can have allergic reactions like adults to foods and unseen elements within their environments.

Drug Allergy

We all need to take drugs when we fall ill to manage our physical well-being. These drugs quicken our healing process, but some people react to particular medications.

Environmental Allergy

Food Allergy

Food allergy occurs when some specific foods trigger an allergic reaction after consumption. When your immune system wrongly identifies proteins in some foods as a threat


Our immune system does a significant job of defense against harmful organisms that cause sicknesses and diseases.


Every day, the human body is exposed to potentially dangerous pathogens and bacterial of all manners. The immune system, an extensive network of body defense mechanisms

IV Immuno-Hydration

Water plays a significant role in our bodies, and you need to ensure that you are properly hydrated. There is no standard amount of water that you should drink per day as this varies with each person’s body weight.