What is depression

In contrast to normal sadness, clinically depression is more persistent and can interfere with your daily life activities

Post natal Depression | Diagnosis & Treatment of Depression | Dubai, UAE

Is it a post natal depression or baby’s blue? The term Post partum ( post natal) depression is moderate to severe depression in a woman starting soon after child birth to a year and it interfere in social, occupational and or other important areas of li

Think positive (CBA) Cognitive Behavior Approach

Think Positive (CBT). Given an example of glass being half full or half empty. Modern day life stress can impact life to varying degrees to the point it can cloud realistic thinking. When under severe stress people think negatively and feel anxious about

Depression In Children and Adolescents

Depression In Children and Adolescents Child and Adolescent major depressive disorder and dysthymic disorder are common, familial, chronic and recurrent that usually continues through adult life if left untreated. These disorders more often then not app