Our clinical dieticians can assess your nutritional deficiencies and caloric needs, combine these with your food preferences and lifestyle or health needs, and create a framework for a balanced, nutritional diet. Our dieticians will work closely with you to help you make long lasting lifestyle changes while keeping the joy of eating.

Today, humans are arguably more well-fed than any time in history, but many of us need help to reprogram what, when, and how we feed ourselves. At times, situational changes in our lives mean how and what we eat, and nutrition, become a pressing concern. Our dieticians can create a plan to help you cope with, or overcome, those challenges that are specific to you. American Wellness Center based in Dubai Healthcare City specializes in Nutrition Services.

Whether your health concerns are driving you to eating better, you’re facing struggles with your digestion, thinking of getting pregnant, or suffering any number of other health related issues, our team is ready to help.

Our nutrition team at AWC Dubai can:

  • Establish proper meal plans that accommodate patient preferences, health needs, and budge
  • Evaluate the health and diet needs of patients
  • Calculate patient’s specific nutritional requirements
  • Analyze nutritional content of food and suggest nutritious recipes
  • Educate other healthcare professionals about food and nutrition
  • Educate the public about the need for proper dieting, and its importance in disease prevention
  • Design a tailored plan just for you and help you acquire lifelong healthy habits
  • Explain you your Body Composition Analysis and help set reachable target goals

Why should I seek the help of a Nutritionist?

You want to eat smarter

Our nutritionists can help you sort through misinformation. They can teach how to read labels at the supermarket, show you how inexpensive healthy cooking can be, help you dine out without ruining your eating plan, and give you strategies to resist workplace temptations.

You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems, or high blood pressure

Our nutritionists can play an integral part in healthcare by helping you make healthier dietary changes to your daily food intake without compromising taste or nutrition.

You are thinking of having, or have had, gastric-bypass surgery

In post-bypass life, your stomach can only manage small servings, making it a challenge to get the right quantities of nutrients. Our nutritionists will work with you and your physician to develop an eating plan tailored to your new needs.

You have digestive problems

Beyond eliminating carbonated drinks and fried foods, our team will work with you and your physician to help fine-tune all areas of your diet to limit digestive aggravation.

You’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant

Our team will help ensure you get crucial nutrients, such as folate, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. This can lower risks for neural tube or spinal cord defects in your newborn. Our nutritionists will also set a healthy weight gain plan during your pregnancy while ensuring you get all the nutrients needed.

You have, or your child/teenager has, issues with food and eating healthy or is a picky eater

We can assist with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, or even help diversify your overall nutritional intake. Whether you need to gain or lose weight, our nutritionists can suggest energy dense foods and eating strategies to aid with healthy weight gain. For weight loss, our nutritionists will help meal planning and tailored physical activity options, while you’ll still get to enjoy your favorite foods.

If you think our nutritionists can help you with your dietary challenges, please Call American Wellness Center today. Alternatively, you can also visit us at Dubai Healthcare City.

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Nutrigenetics studies the relation between your genes and food to identify how to get your best health through your diet.

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