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Letter from Dr. Farah Qadir

What is Intensive Personalized Coaching?

Intensive coaching, or continuous coaching, is a form of coaching whereby the coaching relationship is maintained on a daily basis for an intensive block of time.

How does Intensive Personalized Coaching differ from regular Psychotherapy?

Traditional formats for coaching often follow that of counselling or psychotherapy, in that individual sessions are booked up (maybe in two or three-week intervals), with little or no contact between client and coach in between each session. Usually with this format the client can drift in between sessions and, as the coach has no contact in this time, instant remedies cannot be sought. Therefore, in the subsequent formal session, much of this time may be involved in recap of the problems of the intervening two or three weeks time.

The distinguishing factor of intensive or continuous coaching is that the relationship between participant and coach is maintained daily for a concentrated block of time.  The coach has the opportunity to peel each layer back and in doing so getting closer to the core of your concerns.  The momentum of discussion and progress is not lost by having time in between. In our intensive coaching program, if your coach has advised this is the best course of action for you to achieve your goals then this is what we recommend you follow. Intensive personalized coaching is designed to be an invaluable space for personal development. American Wellness Center based in Dubai Healthcare City specializes in Personalized Coaching.

Who are the best candidates of Life or Intensive Coaching?

  • Confusion planning goals?
  • Low Self-confidence
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Relationships issues
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Our highly qualified professionals’ team of Psychologists at AWC Dubai will work with you to come up with an intensive, customized program to address the challenges that are disturbing you and/ or hindering your progress personally and professionally.

Traditional therapy is usually a 50–60-minute session on a weekly basis. It maintains a slow and steady pace to sustain long term treatment. In contrast Intensive Coaching is a more agile and highly successful alternative with potential to provide you with enormous positive impact and empower you to make genuine, well-aligned short and long-term sustainable changes.

The goal of an intensive approach is to provide intense, focused, and short-term interventions.

This involves assessment and detailed discussion of your treatment goals, areas where you struggle and the cause of your problems. It entails a conglomerate of investigative, innovative wellbeing and psychological practices designed to yield the best results in a short amount of time. Followed by experiential, in-situ and real time strategies and techniques, in a safe, productive, congenial atmosphere that is natural and positive. In the mutually agreed intensive sessions that take place over a period of several weeks we deep dive; head-first into working towards understanding emotional strains, allowing them to process in a healthy way and then design bespoke solutions to continue healing and progressing.

At American Wellness Center we believe in the unique existential experience of individuals.  It is the foundation on which this professional highly empathetic alliance is built. It becomes the essential tenet and core value we adhere to in this holistic approach, respectfully appreciating distinct life experiences, traits, behaviors, habits, core beliefs and genetic predispositions of our patient and clients.

What do we do at AWC Dubai?

To maximize recovery and enhancement our highly skilled, well trained, and western qualified psychotherapists and life/executive coach offer an eclectic multipronged, approach which includes but not limited to.

  • Functional psychiatry
  • Compassion psychology
  • Movement psychotherapy
  • Psychosynthesis psychotherapy

Our treatment plans for intensive coaching are designed to help you address: The past root triggers

  • Unlearn unhealthy behavior
  • Restructure negative cognitive beliefs
  • Focus on the present
  • Be able to leverage your strength
  • Work towards the future
  • Be able to make well informed insightful choices
  • Accept and facilitate changes
  • Identify your self
  • Enrich your potential
  • Live a fulfilling life

Our professionals practice multiple healthy and evidence-based strategies.
The benefits of intensive personalized coaching are transformational. Numerous clients of our highly skilled professionals report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives.

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