Writing art therapy

Posted: August 22, 2023
  • August 30, 2023 - August 30, 2023
  • 18:00:00 - 19:30:00
  • Adults 18+
  • Paid Event

Group writing therapy

From a psychodynamic perspective, group writing therapy is a therapeutic intervention that combines the power of writing with group dynamics to encourage emotional exploration, self-awareness, and healing. The major goal of this technique is to create a secure and supportive atmosphere in which participants can engage in expressive writing exercises that promote emotion identification and management. Participants can externalize their thoughts and feelings through writing, promoting a deeper comprehension of their inner world.

Confidentiality is a must between group members.

Group setting:

In this setting, a group of up to 10 participants meets once per week to discover a path of self-discovery and growth.


People hurting from loss (loosing someone when that person dies or leaves their lives), abandonment, rejection, insecurities in relationships. Betrayals) Grief is a response to loss. It’s an emotional pain when someone you love goes away. That kind of suffer is often overwhelming. It can manifest in emotions such as anger, disbelief, shock, guilt and a deep sadness.

In essence, group writing therapy in a psychodynamic approach that combines expressive writing with group support to provide a transforming experience. Participants can recognize emotions, develop emotional control, increase self-awareness, and ultimately nurture personal growth and healing through introspective writing exercises and the shared journey with others.

Lara Tyan
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
Psychoanalytical approach and EMDR therapist
American Wellness Center

Writing art therapy

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