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Mrs. Nabila Saidi

Psychomotricity (France)

Language: English, French Experience: +3 years


Psychomotricity is learning to get to know one's body, learning to use it, to master it. It is also the relationship between the body, the emotions, and the people between them. Thus, as a psychomotor therapist I take into account at the same time the body, the psyche and also the emotional of the patient.

Each session, individual or collective, aims to reconcile the patient with his body, to provide him with ease of movement and to make him regain a feeling of physical well-being.

Each session is unique and tailor-made for the patient. It all starts with the person's interest. The notion of pleasure is fundamental to allowing the patient to (re) find the desire and the pleasure of doing.

We can together help to regain independence in all areas of the live. I do my best to improve and facilitate the daily life of the patient. i also help with self-acceptance all this through fun activities and exercise in order to progress while having fun.

I have worked a lot with children and adults with severe physical and mental disabilities.

I have also been able to work around learning disabilities and sensory disorders.

Some of our tools: motor courses, coordination and rhythm exercises, relaxation, bodily expression, concentration and planning games, sensorimotor stimulation, fine motor and graphics activities, balneotherapy, baby massage et baby thalassotherapy.


  • New born, child, adult and elderly therapy
  • Psychomotor assessment before any treatment
  • Psychomotor awakening for infant and child
  • Developmental delay, mobilities difficulties, tonic disharmony, clumsiness, dyspraxia… 
  • Learning difficulties: concentration, writing, autonomy, graphic design, social relationship, early...  
  • Behavior disorders and personality, anxiety and mood disorders, psychosomatics and stress management
  • Hyperactivity, ocd, axonal neuropathy, cerebral palsy … 
  • Sensory impairments: hypersensitivity, visually impaired, hearing-evil … 
  • Old age-related ills


  • Bachelor's degree in Psychomotor therapy, Paris Training around the newborn (massage, breastfeeding, plagiocephaly, baby thalassotherapy…) Snoezelen training
  • High school graduate, scientific field


Dubai healthcare city authority

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