Home Care Services

We, at American Wellness Center in Dubai Healthcare City, understand the importance of accessible healthcare for all. That's why we're proud to offer comprehensive homecare services for patients who require healthcare in the comfort of their own homes.

Our skilled and dedicated team of family medicine doctors and Physiotherapists are ready to provide personalized care to you and your loved ones.

What is homecare service?

Homecare service is a healthcare solution that brings certified and well trained medical professionals directly to your home. These services are designed to provide convenient and personalized care for patients who may be unable to visit a healthcare facility, require ongoing support on more regular basis, or simply prefer receiving care in their own environment. Our homecare services at American Wellness Center, Dubai Healthcare City, include family medicine and physiotherapy, ensuring comprehensive and tailored care for our patients.

Who needs homecare service?

Homecare services are ideal for a variety of patients, including:

  • Individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities.
  • Seniors who require frequent and ongoing medical care and assistance.
  • Patients recovering from surgery or illness.
  • People with chronic health conditions that require regular monitoring and support.
  • Families who prefer the convenience and comfort of receiving care at home.

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