ADHD Management

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often continues into adulthood. ADHD includes a combination of persistent problems, such as difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity, impulsive behaviour, low self-esteem, troubled relationships and poor performance in school. American Wellness Center based in Dubai Healthcare City specializes in ADHD related problems for children.

What are the red flags for ADHD?

A child who shows a pattern with the mentioned attributes:
  •   Fail to pay close attention to details or make careless mistakes in schoolwork
  •   Have trouble staying focused on tasks or play
  •   Appear not to listen, even when spoken to directly
  •   Have difficulty following through on instructions and fail to finish schoolwork or chores
  •   Have trouble organizing tasks and activities
  •   Avoid or dislike tasks that require focused mental effort, such as homework
  •   Lose items needed for tasks or activities, for example, toys, school assignments, pencils
  •   Easily distracted
  •   Forget to do some daily activities, such as forgetting to do chores, homework
  •   Fidget with or tap his or her hands or feet, or squirm in the seat
  •   Have difficulty staying seated in the classroom or in other situations
  •   Be on the go, in constant motion
  •   Run around or climb in situations when it's not appropriate
  •   Have trouble playing or doing an activity quietly
  •   Talk too much
  •   Blurt out answers, interrupting the questioner
  •   Have difficulty waiting for his or her turn
  •   Interrupt or intrude on others' conversations, games or activities

When should you seek help from a Doctor for ADHD?

If you're concerned that your child shows signs of ADHD, it is recommended to see your pediatrician or family doctor and they  may refer you to a specialist, such as a, psychologist, psychiatrist or pediatric neurologist . You can directly book appointment with a child and adolescent mental health expert to have an initial evaluation and further treatment plan. If left untreated and unattended, ADHD can further complicate a child ‘s life. AWC Dubai has experienced and qualified clinicians that can help your child's ADHD symptoms.


Our highly qualified team of psychiatrist and psychologists at American Wellness Center based in Dubai Healthcare City will help with evidence-based strategies to evaluate the child’s symptoms and take family history to reach to a diagnosis suitable to child’s situation. The treatment plan can include medications management, behavior therapy, counseling, and education services. These treatments will address symptoms of ADHD, but may not cure it. It may take some time to determine what works best for your child.


A child and adolescent psychiatrist from our team will be responsible for the medication management if necessary. These medications help improve the signs and symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity, sometimes effectively in a short period of time. However, they will refer your child to a child psychotherapist for further and long-term help. The psychiatrist will then see your child and keep adjusting the medication where and when necessary to the appropriate level. Our goal at American wellness center is to stabilize patient with minimum possible exposer to medications.

ADHD Behaviour Therapy

At American Wellness Center we believe in healthy recovery with least involvement of medications especially for children. Our ADHD management program emphasize on recovery through therapy, social skills training, parenting skills training and counseling through a child psychologist and or psychiatrist or other approved mental health professional. Some children with ADHD may also have other conditions such as an anxiety disorder or depression. In these cases, counseling may help both ADHD and the coexisting problem.

At American Wellness Center we offer following:

Our intention is to provide best results by implementing a team approach, with teachers, parents, therapists and physicians working together. Our professionals will educate you about ADHD and available services and treatment options. We encourage you to work with your child's teachers and keep them well informed about your child’s status to support child in the classroom in-line with treatment where needed.

What is the ongoing treatment for ADHD?

We encourage that if your child is being treated for ADHD, he or she should see his/her physician regularly until symptoms have improved, and then typically every three to six months if symptoms are stable based on the treatment plan and provider’s instructions.

We welcome you to contact us any time during the treatment plan to contact your psychiatrist if your child has any medication side effects, such as loss of appetite, trouble sleeping or increased irritability, and discuss with the psychologist and counselor if your child's ADHD symptoms have not shown much improvement with initial treatment.

Unattended or untreated ADHD can lead to coexisting conditions

ADHD doesn't cause other psychological or developmental problems. However, children with ADHD are more likely than others to have conditions such as:
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), generally defined as a pattern of negative, defiant and hostile behavior toward authority figures
  • Conduct disorder, marked by antisocial behavior such as stealing, fighting, destroying property, and harming people or animals
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, characterized by irritability and problems tolerating frustration
  • Learning disabilities, including problems with reading, writing, understanding and communicating
  • Substance use disorders, including drugs, alcohol and smoking
  • Anxiety disorders, which may cause overwhelming worry and nervousness, and include obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, which includes depression as well as manic behavior
  • Tic disorder or Tourette syndrome, disorders that involve repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can't be easily controlled

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