Social skills training

Social skills training is form of therapy to help improve the social communication skills in children having behavior health issues, anxiety, ADHD, Autism spectrum, depression and schizophrenia.

Psychotherapy can be done as an individual or in group therapy.

SST begins with initial assessment and identifying the target areas of deficit and then technique applied to improve it by working on these deficits one by one. Goal is set to improve particular social skills and then move on to the next objective.

Therapist will explain the identified behavior and may use an enactment technique by role playing and then correcting and making it clear. Verbal and non-verbal behavior is also addressed by the therapist and appropriate intervention is practiced during the sessions. Complex tasks may be broken down into small segments, like for conversation, as a first step initiation of conversation, introducing yourself, and then appropriate responses to the next and leaving the conversation. It is also an effective treatment of social anxiety.

Few important steps of SST:

  • A-Verbal instruction.
  • B-Behavior intervention
  • C- Feedback
  • D- positive reinforcement
  • E-Homework assignment.

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