Transformational Executive Coaching

Our program is designed to help executives transform employees and workplaces through positive and empowering leadership strategies. We work with executives one-on-one to help identify weaknesses and strengths, and then we devise a program unique to them to make them into the leaders Dubai needs.

At American Wellness Center based in Dubai Healthcare City, we’re proud to offer our Executive Guidance and Coaching Program for both individuals and corporate groups.

We’ve found that, for many, living the “executive life” is believed to be “living the dream.”

Some aim for that dream for years, even decades, and upon reaching executive status, they can find themselves surprised to discover it doesn’t “fix” their life. Despite having their dream job, they may be surprised to still wrestle with the day-to-day stress of life at home. Others may have underestimated the pressures and responsibilities of becoming an executive, and those may weigh heavily.

Or perhaps one thrives in an executive role but then faces a traumatic happening, like the unexpected death of a team member, or any other painful tragedy, which must be addressed compassionately so the company can still move ahead during a challenging period.

In our Executive Guidance and Coaching Program, our counseling experts help corporations and individuals learn how to deal more positively with all stresses and responsibilities faced in the day-to-day of executive life.

Our counseling team at American Wellness Center Dubai is prepared to offer corporations our group presentations and skills-management lectures, including critical incident stress management talks, but we also feel very passionate about the work we conduct one-on-one with management and executives of all levels.

During our counseling sessions, individuals will learn skills to help them:

  • Be more positive about daily challenges
  • Manage and cope with stress more effectively
  • Process and respond appropriately to critical incidents or crises that may arise through tragedy or trauma that impact the workplace
  • Gain insight into personality types and learn how to work with their strengths or weaknesses
  • Adopt behaviour management and team management skills

Our Executive Guidance and Coaching Program is designed to be flexible and accommodating to all sorts of workplaces and needs. We’re here for you if you’d like to learn more about how this program can be of benefit to you as an individual, to your team, or your corporation.

Call us today for a no obligation assessment, or more information. Alternatively, you can also visit us Dubai Healthcare City.

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