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I needed a very good physiotherapy treatment and visiting here for my lower back problems. So far I am quite pleased with the caring behavior of all the staff involved in my treatment, including Dr. Beena who have been so friendly and communicative just like a family doctor - listening to all my problems patiently and acting. I am currently undergoing treatment with her and have developed full faith & confidence in her treatment and looking forward to cure my problems soon. I want to thank you Doctor for everything so far.

Mr C
Dr Beena Walawalkar
Head of Physiotherapy

I visited Dr. Stefane and had one of best experiences so far, the support staff are excellent and efficient. Dr. Stefane really takes the time to explain and discuss your case. His passion for the patients well-being is apparent. he gives you a lot of information and advice to support your treatment. the nurses really help by always clarifying and confirming regarding tests to run

Dr. Mostefa Stefane Kabene
Clinical Psychologist

Friendly staff while greetings, easy to communicate with every member of the team, the environment is very calming. While time moved on and be being a patient with this clinic all i see is improvement in every way possible. The Doctors available in this collaborated clinic are all highly professional and have great feedbacks after every visit. I will simplify my review with the simplest way, if you are truly, in need and seek real professional help, then i would highly advice to.

Ms. A-S
Dr. Muhammad S Tahir
Psychotherapy, Psychology, Psychiatry

"I was suffering with moderate to severe lower back pain. After many sessions of physio I was referred to a specialist who recommended I had an MRI. The results of the MRI identified I had a problem with my L5 and L4 vertebrae and was referred to a neuro surgeon Dr Mohamed Christi, who then referred me to Dr Hassan Jabber Shaikh, a Pain Medicine Specialist at AWC. Dr Hassan has treated me for the lost 6 weeks and the pain has significantly reduced without surgery. I would recommend that anyone suffering from my symptoms with Dr Hassan and his team."

Male 44
Dr. Hassan Jabbar Shaikh
Specialist Pain Medicine

I visited American Wellness Center today. I am a practicing psychologist in Dubai and I can definitely say that the place is very comfortable, inviting, and friendly. The process is very structured and timely and communication with clients really respectful. Of course Dr. Cynthia is one of the best psychologists I know, I trusted her with my own son... Strongly recommended.

Mrs K
Review for Dr Cynthia Roukoz
Clinical Psychologist

I visited Dr. Stefane and had one of best experiences so far, the support staff are excellent and efficient. Dr. Stefane really takes the time to explain and discuss your case. His passion for the patient’s well-being is apparent. He gives you a lot of information and advice to support your treatment. The nurses really help by always clarifying and confirming regarding tests to run.

Mr S
Dr Mostefa Stefene Kebane
Clinical Psychologist

I have been struggling with Anxiety for several years and thanks to American Wellness Center, Dr Muhammad Tahir I am free of episodic anxiety and depression. I recommend 1000%. I thought therapy doesn’t work until I went to American Wellness Center. Thank you so so so so much!!! 100 stars.

Mr. M
Dr. Muhammad Shafique Tahir

It’s a great clinic, Dr. Stefane was very supportive and helped us get on a right path with our 2 year old daughter, and Ms Hala the occupational therapist is very professional and I would highly recommend! Great staff too!

Mrs. S
Dr Mostefa Stefene Kebane
Clinical Psychologist

Clean interior and friendly staff are the highlights. And also for Japanese expats in Dubai, this clinic is famous for its Japanese doctors Junko Fukuda sensei.

Mr. J
Dr. Junko
Internal Medicine Specialist

After living in Dubai for many years and having seen many different Doctors, I was fortunate to me Dr Melanie Childress from American Wellness Center. She by far exceeds any of the other Doctors standards, she has helped me through the years with so many different problems, and she offers such a high grade of care. She’s genuinely caring and concerned about her patients, she offers a lot of medical advice and she really puts you at ease when you come in to see her. I would honestly recommend anyone in Dubai to come in and see her.

Mrs. N
Dr. Melanie Childress
Internal Medicine Consultant

In the past few months of my life, I felt caged in my mind and body in a complicated and warped manner that no one seemed to comprehend. I was stuck and convinced that I will stay like that for an indefinite time period, until I met Dr. Farah Qadir.

She undoubtedly listened to my struggles, concerns, resentments and she saw me for the human I am. She helped me identify depression and normal human emotions which was pertinent in my initial steps during the therapy despite being on an emotional roller coaster. We worked diligently day after day focusing on my wellbeing , targets and goals and how to achieve them. She sees me, Like no one ever has. The key elements in my recovery were dedication and commitment from both sides, and the freedom and safety net she provides while unravelling the darkest elements within my soul. She fabricates her sessions in a way that is helping me rekindle my lost self and remarkably dislodging myself from my comfort zone to enable to me achieve my goals- mentally, financially and spiritually.

Mrs. A age 45
Dr. Farah Qadir
Executive and Life Coaching Guidance, Counseling

Finding a psychologist/psychotherapist that I could relate to and someone who would understand the dichotomy of cultures that affect life/relationships on a daily basis was very important to me. Speaking to someone who understands and can relate to my experiences/cultural pressures was one of the most important aspects of my search. I am so happy that I decided to embark on this journey with Dr Farah Qadir as she has exceeded all my expectations and has been instrumental in my personal and emotional development over the past 8-9 months.

Dr Farah has helped me to delve deeper into several areas of my life and this has resulted in improving my experiences and relationships on many different fronts. This includes my relationship with myself! Throughout this process Dr Farah has been open and honest and thoroughly professional and has shared insights that have changed how I now approach situations or see things. She has helped me to be more self-aware and self-caring and I am truly grateful for this having made this choice.

Mrs. A - Age 55
Dr. Farah Qadir
Executive and Life Coaching Guidance, Counseling

I have worked with Dr. Farah for 3 months and cannot believe how far we got. I walked in with several problems - a haunting past, an addiction, a burden of guilt and shame about myself, a broken relationship with my family, and an overall feeling of hopelessness about my future. I felt alone and unloved and these were deep-rooted problems that I thought would take months and months of therapy. I remember the first day I walked in, I laid all my problems on the table, and Dr. Farah listened to everything intently. After which she asked me for only two things - my time and my best. And Alhamdulillah, today, two months later I can confidently say that I have accepted and feel at peace with my past, I have let go of any remnants of the addiction I had, I have released the negative feelings I had about myself, and most importantly I have reconnected with my family, which was the most priceless result from all my therapy. Now that we have resolved these issues I feel like I can move forward with my life, and build it with confidence, and truly enjoy discovering myself even more. I have noticed that resolving these issues have increased my ability to communicate, to express myself, to regulate my own emotions, to trust and build new relations, and to take care of myself.

All these new skills I am learning are significantly improving my quality of life, and I am so grateful that Dr. Farah helped me open my eyes so I can realize that I can take ownership of my life and change it. The process wasn't easy, and was very painful at times however I could trust that Dr. Farah would never let me fall, she held me throughout the process. That is what I believe helped me heal - the ability to jump into the deep end, truly address my issues, and know and trust that I will be taken care of.

I can't be more grateful for Dr. Farah's presence and support. Her dedication and her encouragement and her genuine desire to help me was overwhelming. She is clearly extremely experienced and skilled because to do ALL this simultaneously and effectively is just mind-blowing to me! I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is truly willing to put in the effort to work on themselves. Thank you for everything Dr. Farah!

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