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We created our corporate counseling services as a direct response to growing evidence that shows mental health affects everything from workplace moral to business bottom lines. In one such study done in 2009, the American Psychological Association found that 69% of employees reported their jobs as a “significant” source of their stress in life, which the employees said affected their work attendance and productivity.
Stress, depression, and anxiety are literally costing employers millions annually. By investing in a workplace wellness plan, or individual workplace counseling like our Executive Guidance and Coaching Program, evidence shows workplaces can see a reduction in absenteeism, greater productivity among workers, and better stress management at all levels of employment.
We offer a variety of counseling and guidance options for work-based needs for groups and individuals. Call us today for more information on any of the following services.

Cultural Acceptance and Diversity Training

Dubai has grown into a sprawling metropolis that includes workers from all around the world. Cultural diversity can inspire teams as much as hinder them, so it’s important that your workplace practices inclusiveness that makes all team members feel valued and safe. With education, team-building exercises, and counseling services, it’s possible to end bullying, misunderstandings, and antagonism between different cultures. Our therapists are standing by to help you celebrate diversity, end division, and move forward as a collective that embraces every team member’s strengths.

Workplace Emotional Wellness Programs

As we’ve stated above, mental health is now a critical factor in corporate bottom lines. Happy employees aren’t just nice to have, they’re valuable drivers of productivity and success in your company. When workplaces place high value on mental health and emotional wellness in the workplace, they tend to see better cooperation, greater innovation, fewer absences and illnesses, better communication, and increased focus in their employees. Let us help you harness happiness. We can give talks, provide counseling, teach employees stress management, coping, and communication skills, along with many other game-changing strategies designed to combat stress and other emotional challenges in workplaces.

New Recruit Analysis

The worst words HR ever wants to hear from a manager after hiring an employee is “they looked great on paper, but…” It is a massive loss on investment when countless hours of training and supervision are spent on a new employee who “just doesn’t fit.”
Our therapists can save those irreplaceable hours and dollars by seeing if your promising recruits are more than just paper-perfect. We’ll look at critical assets like emotional intelligence, stress coping abilities, empathy, personality, and more, giving you a complete picture, not just a doctored resume, on any candidate’s promise with your firm.

Trauma and Critical Incident Stress Management

Workplace dynamics are complicated enough as they are, but when an unexpected death, traumatic incident, natural disaster, or workplace crime occurs, it can be debilitating to your company’s success. Our team of therapists are ready to help you. We can assess both psychological and physiological symptoms that can be part of the “blowback” from a critical incident. We can devise treatment recommendations, provide therapy, and teach personal skills, like coping strategies, that will help you and your team weather any storm.

Executive Guidance and Coaching Program

Our program is designed to help executives transform employees and workplaces through positive and empowering leadership strategies. We work with executives one-on-one to help identify weaknesses and strengths, and then we devise a program unique to them to make them into the leaders Dubai needs. Learn more about our Executive Guidance and Coaching Program here.


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