Heavy Metals Found in Popular Fruit Juices

February 05, 2019

Jan. 30, 2019 -- Nearly half of 45 fruit juices tested had elevated levels of heavy metals, which can pose health risks for children and adults, Consumer Reports has found.

The report, released Wednesday, says that even small amounts of juice might hold risks.

"In some cases, drinking just 4 ounces a day -- or half a cup -- is enough to raise concern," James Dickerson, PhD, chief scientific officer for CR, says in the report.

If anything, the results simply reinforce existing concerns about fruit juices.

"I don't think we need to say you can't give your kids any juice," says Steven Abrams, MD, a professor of pediatrics at Dell Medical School, University of Texas at Austin. But, he says, "juice is not a product that is intrinsically healthy for children." He co-authored the American Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines on juice, which set limits by age.