Beginning Your Journey

Beginning Your Journey

with American Wellness Center

We know it can be hard reaching out and asking for help, but there’s nothing to be worried about when you call American Wellness Center.

Calling us is the start of a journey you’ll take toward a confident future where you’ll have the tools and resources to handle anything life puts in your path. Our job is to put you on the path for living your best life.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today. This is how it works when you begin your experience with American Wellness Center.

1. Making the Call

When you call us, we’ll arrange for a convenient time for one of our clinicians to call you. Ideally, this therapist-led conversation will provide an idea of how frequently you may need treatment, at what level, and what your goals are. This chat is an informal assessment session that lasts 15 minutes, after which both you and our clinician will have a better understanding of your needs and who on our team is best suited to work with you.

2. Scheduling Your First Appointment

With a better idea of what you need and who is best for you to work with, the assessing clinician will help you book your first appointment with that appropriate team member. This will happen immediately after your 15-minute assessment, but the appointment itself will depend on your ideal practitioner’s availability, and yours, too. In a perfect world, an appointment will be within two weeks. Sometimes it can take two months. Wait-listing is always an option, but so is referral to someone outside our clinic.

3. Confirmation Email

Once we’ve gone over the initial assessment and sorted out the scheduling for your first appointment, we’ll email you a confirmation. This will have the agreed-upon appointment time, and give you any information you need in regards to coming in for your first appointment.

4. Coming for your first appointment

You will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment. This is simply for you to fill out required paperwork. After you’re finished the paperwork, it’s time for your first session. We call this appointment a “diagnostic intake.” In it, your clinician will need to discuss your case and history with you, along with what’s going on in your present life that brought you to us, all of which can involve a lot of questions, with you providing the answers.

During all this, you’ll get familiar with each other. Your clinician will be assessing your strengths, but it’s important that you assess their strengths, too. Do you feel you can trust them and be comfortable with them? This is important to consider. If not, we’ll help you find someone else to work with, either in our clinic or elsewhere, because your comfort and commitment to wellness is critical to us. If you are comfortable and do feel you can trust your clinician, then this is where it all begins.

After the diagnostic intake is completed, your clinician will propose a treatment plan, and you’ll have a good idea of what your future sessions and strategies will include. When you leave, you’ll have your next appointments booked, and you’ll be on your way to a better future.