Are You Driven by Rewards or Stress?

Are You Driven by Rewards or Stress?

Apparently in life we have tasks to do, like work, family life, taking care of self and others.

One scenario is there is rewards in different shape and form like when you work gets money and may be satisfaction, when you take care of your family it gives you good feeling and love in return, taking care get admiration from others. This is the mind set we have, we do things because they give us pleasure and this pleasure again is healthy and provide us more motivation and strength to even work harder.

So saying “nothing succeeds like success” Comes into play.

In second scenario someone feels compelled to do things in life like working to just keep paying bills, and dealing with daily necessities of life and feeling unhappy and feel forced to do that because in order to live he/she has to perform. Taking care for the family is compelled with sense of burden, responsibility and to avoid conflict and/or to avoid shame. In this kind mind set person is feeling like tired horse and is doing things bare minimum unhappily and his performance in different areas may start declining over time.

In third Scenario as we all know can be a fair combination of both rewards and stress.

Fair balance of feeling rewarded of doing good deeds, working hard and caring for people around us combined with sense of responsibility, caring attitude introduces mild to moderate stress is superior to the above two scenarios.

“World revolves around the rewards”

Now the thinking point is what scenario you belong to.

If you are in the first scenario than it is good but there are situations sometime where there is no immediate reward or the reward is very delayed than it might affect your performance because you always expect immediate reward which is not there.

Scenario two there is a risk that the performance might starts declining due to lack of satisfaction, unhappiness and feeling compelled to perform without visible upward move that can lead to a gradual downward trend in mood so basically you are letting your energy and motivation to slip down and eventually you might reach to the point of not taking anymore, or at least keep dragging yourself perpetually.

Third option is if you are driven by reward but when there are no immediate rewards there is sense of duty to perform and you continue to perform and eventually you will see reward in different shape and form. This option of mind set is superior to the other two.

On the bases of above description, you need to see if you are in scenario one you should instil in yourself a bit of practical thinking and be patient when there is delay or no rewards. That is the time to focus on positive thinking and count on the blessings you have. Like some one have less resources and have no support system like close family and near dear ones as compared to some one who have less resources but have good support system and can count on someone to help in time of need.

Sometime in life reward is very much delayed and without having deep insight it is hard to incorporate in your thinking. Usually there is enough knowledge around the early school years to work hard, be persistent and be patient to get the reward later in life. Still how many of us utilize the time prudently and how many of us not. Than it comes to inner belief and inner determination, strength and commitment which dictate how far you will go.

Scenario two needs real mind shift, thinking positively and looking at the goodness comes through the hard work or fulfilling the responsibility so shifting from stressed and feeling compelled to working happily and keep motivated ourselves.

“At the end all that matter is how we see the glass is it half full or half empty”.