Parental Education and Support

Parent education and support program provides parents and caregivers with the support and skills to build strong family relationships. Our goal is to promote healthy families by reducing stress, improving parenting skills, strengthening parent confidence, developing coping skills and building resiliency.

Programs help parents work on:

  • Parenting skills (behaviour management strategies, child development understanding and parent-child communication)
  • Household variable management (time and money management and home safety and accident prevention)
  • Life Skills management (interpersonal communication, social support, healthy relationships, anger management and stress management)
  • Understanding the effects of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health on parenting and children

Success is measured by parents’ ability to:

  • Work together toward parenting and case plan management goals
  • Improve parent child communication and relationships
  • Help learn to make effective choices for self and family
  • Program meets family’s physical, emotional, financial and intellectual needs independently or by utilizing available resources

Our clinicians are highly trained and committed to make difference by the parent training and help parents avoid any future complications child rearing.

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